The Apricot Grove

Advanced Level II Training

Two year Advanced Clinical Training coming soon!

Beginning in September 2023, Apricot Grove is expanding its program offerings to include a two-year advanced clinical training track. This program builds upon the significant amount of training achieved in the Foundations Level I class by offering advanced topics in Neijing Nature-Based Medicine.


  • Advanced clinical case presentation
  • Classical text reading
  • Advanced surgical anatomy
  • Clinical internship training

CLASS PREREQUISITES: To be eligible for the Advanced Training Level II program, students must have successfully completed the Neijing Nature-Based Medicine Foundations Level I class, including all Clinical Practicums, within the previous five years, or have permission from the instructor.

Acceptance into the Advanced Training Level II program is limited and offered by application only. Contact us for further questions about this training.

Neijing Medicine: Advanced Clinical Training (Year II & III)

Stay tuned!

Full Curriculum will be published soon.