The Covid-19 outbreak has been a rapidly changing situation that is disrupting all of our lives in different ways. To respond to this we have decided to take the following measures:

  • The upcoming Neijing Medicine 2020/21 online course currently scheduled to begin in April 5th has been postponed until September 20, 2020. Registration is currently open for the Early Start program.
  • Students signing up now for the online course (Early Start) will have access to the first three quarters of last year’s online classes (30 video classes), which they can review as we await the beginning of the course in September.
  • Dr. Neal will begin bi-monthly live online class discussions prior to the start of the course in September to help keep the momentum going until our course begins.
  • We are cancelling the first-year Clinical Practicum currently scheduled to be held at Trout Lake, WA on August 21-26th.
  • Instead, the Clinical Practicum I is now scheduled to be held in Joshua Tree, California on October 30 to November 4th. Clinical Practicum II will be rescheduled for Spring 2021 (dates and location TBD).
  • We understand that many people are suffering financial hardships due to this current situation. To address this, we are offering a Covid-19 scholarship. If you are experiencing significant ongoing economic hardships due to this extraordinary situation but would like to participate in online education in the Neijing Medicine: Theoretical and Clinical Foundations (Year I) course you may apply for assistance.


Here you will find information on the Neijing Medicine Courses. Based on over 20 years of research and clinical experience and over a decade of teaching, Dr. Edward Neal has created a multi-year master class designed to create physician-level practitioners of Chinese medicine based on the core material of the Huangdi Neijing.



Due to our upcoming Neijing Studies class beginning on September 20th the Sunday class discussions are currently on hold. We hope to continue these in the future as the schedule permits. If you wish to be put on the mailing list for future Sunday classes please register here.

To view previous Sunday Talks, please visit our Lectures & Publications page, or view our Vimeo Channel for a broader selection of topics.



Introduction to Neijing Medicine


These workshops and lectures are held online and in-person at venues around the world. They are designed to introduce professionals and students to Neijing medicine and Neijing classical acupuncture. Explore these offerings and sign up on the mailing list to be notified when we announce new workshops and events.

Neijing Medicine:
Theoretical and Clinical Foundations


The Neijing Studies: Year I curriculum is an intensive overview of the theories and practices of Neijing medicine, and open to interested professionals and students. Training includes the year-long Online Lecture Series and two supplementary 6-day hands-on Clinical Practicums. This course was previously known as ‘Neijing Studies: Level I’.

Neijing Medicine:
Advanced Clinical Training


This year we are developing an advanced clinical training track. In 2020, this training will begin with two advanced 6-day hands-on Clinical Practicums in advanced techniques and assessment. Beginning in 2021, this curriculum will expand to include a third year of advanced clinical training featuring online classes and clinical internships, currently in development. This program is limited to 25 participants per year and is by application only.

About Neijing Medicine: Theoretical and Clinical Foundations

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All students start their journey with our Neijing Medicine: Theoretical and Clinical Foundations (Year I program.



Registration and the Early Start Program is OPEN!
Full Course begins September 27, 2020*

Please note: the original course start date was September 20, but due to unstable fire conditions in Portland where our course team is located, we have pushed back the start date by one week.

Gain access the 3 quarters (30 recorded classes) of this year’s course in advance of the 2020/21 year course. Past students overwhelmingly agree that having early access gave them a nice head start on the course.

Taking this course has fundamentally changed the way I look at acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and the human body.

Lina B., United States

The Neijing Medicine program has transformed my view of the human body all together and how truly revolutionary the practices of ancient Chinese medical physicians are for modern day society.

Stephanie H., United States

As a student I can say if you are feeling like school is becoming rote and Chinese medicine is a prescription based, automatic procedure, please, take this course.

P.G., United States

The Neijing Practicum provide indispensable knowledge and understanding about the “Neijing body”, practical skills and needle techniques.

Franziska K., Germany

I began this class looking for ways to hone my treatment skills, but what I got out of it was so much more.

Joseph, United States
When we treat the individual, we treat the family.
When we treat the family, we treat the community.
When we treat the community, we treat the world.