I agree to the following Terms and Conditions at the time of registration, including terms for payment for course(s) offered by Apricot Grove Educational Services, LLC.


I agree not to engage in unprofessional, disrespectful or unsafe behavior at any time. The instructor may expel me from classes for unprofessional, disrespectful or unsafe behavior without prior warning. Such determinations are made at the discretion of the instructor and are not subject to review or appeal. If a student is expelled for such behavior, no refund will be issued.

Class Safety

I agree to take responsibility for my own physical and emotional care and well-being. If I feel uncomfortable or unsure of what is happening or have an adverse reaction to an exercise, it is my decision and responsibility to withdraw and notify the attending instructor.

I will not engage in activities that I believe threatens my personally safety, or exercises and lectures that feel invasive or uncomfortable. I will excuse myself if I feel tired or ill, contact the instructor about my decision, and refrain from participating in the activity.

I agree not to perform techniques observed in clinical demonstrations until they have been properly demonstrated and reviewed.

I agree not to perform treatments between the seventh cervical vertebrae and the second lumbar vertebrae in the thorax or in the axilla unless specifically directed by the instructor. I agree to account for and properly dispose of acupuncture needles within an appropriate sharps container.

I agree that Apricot Grove Educational Services, LLC, Dr. Edward Neal MD, Xinglin Institute, the owners, instructors, employees, contractors, and all third parties associated with courses hosted by Apricot Grove Educational Services, LLC and this Website (neijingstudies.com) do not assume any risk whatsoever for my enrollment in courses or use of this Website and the information contained herein, and make no warranties nor express or implied representations whatsoever regarding the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, comparative or controversial nature, or usefulness of any information contained or referenced in the courses offered by Apricot Grove Educational Services, LLC and on this Website.

By enrolling in the courses offered by Apricot Grove Educational Services, LLC or using this Website, I agree that any party associated with this website and the materials contained herein WILL NOT be liable or otherwise responsible for any decision made or any action taken or any action not taken due to my use of any information or practices presented herein.

Payments and Refunds

By enrolling in courses offered by Apricot Grove Educational Services, LLC, I agree to the Payment and Refund Policies as noted on the course page of this Website (https://neijingstudies.com/neijing-studies-theoretical-clinical-foundations-year-1-with-edward-neal/).

Payment Plan

By this contract, I agree to make payments to Apricot Grove Educational Services, LLC, hereafter known as “Lender,” by the following schedule in exchange for enrolling in courses offered by Apricot Grove Educational Services, LLC. This payment schedule is enforceable by law, and the methods described below will be used in cases of delinquent payment.

By this agreement, it is agreed that a payment will be surrendered to the Lender on April 5, 2020; July 1, 2020; October 1, 2020, and January 1, 2021 or until the total of the payment required has been delivered.

The Payment Plan is divided into four payments of 25% of the remaining tuition cost after the deposit of $750.00 USD.

The Lender charges a 4% administrative fee (calculated on the cost of tuition after deposit of $750.00 USD is subtracted) to enter into a Payment Plan Agreement. The total fee is due at the time of registration, when the first payment is due.

Payment Plan Schedule

First Installment: Due by April 5, 2020 (25% of balance due + 4% administrative fee figured on the remaining tuition cost)

Second Installment: Due on July 1, 2020 (25% of balance due)

Third Installment: Due on October 1, 2020 (25% of balance due)

Fourth Installment: Due on January 1, 2021 (25% of balance due)

This agreement is binding, and failure to meet its terms will allow the Lender to take certain recourse against me. As a courtesy, the Lender offers a courtesy for the first returned or unpaid Installment Payment. After the first incident, insufficient or returned payments will incur a fee of $35.00 USD.

If payment should not be delivered in total or at all, Lender will be entitled to seek recourse, including collections and legal action as possible under Oregon State and United States federal laws.


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Updated: December 1, 2019

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