Our goal is to make this course available to as many practitioners as possible. You may qualify for a scholarship (discounted rate) if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Are a practitioner who currently works (or within the last year working) full time with underserved populations (e.g. Acupuncturists Without Borders, non-profit organizations serving homeless/houseless populations or substance abuse rehabilitation, etc.) or living in underserved parts of the world.
  • Are a practitioner living in a country with a lower GDP rate than most advanced countries (e.g. US, UK, France, Canada, etc.).
  • Are a practitioner who is experiencing significant work cutbacks due to Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Those experiencing severe financial difficulty for other reasons.

Please note that scholarship award amounts are based on the tuition cost for the Online Lecture Series only. There are no discounts applied to the Clinical Retreats since those tuition fees cover the cost of the event space we use for the 7-day retreats.

Dr. Neal reviews all applications on a rolling basis and generally responds quickly.

Fill out the form below. All information is confidential, and this website has added security with data encryption, so your information is secure.

Note: this application is for Professionals who are currently in practice. Students (and those in their first 2 years of practice) and Returning Participants already receive a substantial tuition discount.
*Scholarship Application 2022/23

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Working with Underserved Populations

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City, State/Province, and Country
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Living in a Country With a Lower GDP or Per Capita Income

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Experiencing Significant Work Cutbacks Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

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Experiencing Severe Financial Difficulties for Other Reasons

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We will review your application and respond on a rolling basis. Expect to hear from within approximately 1-2 weeks after your application is received.