Clinical medicine requires a high degree of ethics and professionalism. All teachers and course participants are held to the same standard of professional and ethical behavior. Although rare, participants may be expelled from classes for unprofessional, disrespectful or unsafe behavior at anytime without prior warning. Such decisions are made at the discretion of the teacher and are not subject to review or appeal. If a student is expelled for such behavior, no refund will be given.

Course Material

Course material is provided for personal use and study only. Course material may not be shared or discussed publicly. If a student desires to use this material in public speaking or writing, prior written permission from the teacher must first be obtained. Course material may not be taught independently outside of recognized training programs provided by Apricot Grove Education Services, LLC.

Class Safety

Clinical training involves a variety of learning experiences from diagnostic exercises to physical palpation and needle insertion. Although instructors work hard to ensure the safety of the learning environment it is impossible to supervise all students at every moment. Because of this, student participants must take responsibility for their own self-wellness. Anytime a participant feels uncomfortable or unsure of what is happening or has an adverse reaction to an exercise, they should withdraw and notify the attending teacher. Participants should not involve themselves in activities that personally feel unsafe, invasive or uncomfortable. If a student feels tired or ill, they should excuse themselves, contact the teacher and refrain from participating in the activity. Acupuncture carries inherent risks. Students should not perform techniques observed in clinical demonstrations until they have been properly demonstrated and reviewed. In general, when learning new needle techniques students should avoid treating between the seventh cervical vertebrae and the second lumbar vertebrae in the thorax or in the axilla unless specifically directed. All needles must be accounted for and properly disposed of within an appropriate sharps container.

Disclaimer of Warranty

This training is provided by Apricot Grove Education Services, LLC “as is” and is without representations, warranties, or conditions of any kind. Students assume total responsibility for the training to achieve whatever the intended result may be. Lectures and course materials are not a substitute for proper in-person clinical training. Students must always practice in accordance with their respective governmental laws and regulations and their current level of professional training.

Course Refund Policy

The course refund policy is on a course by course basis. For longer courses (i.e. Neijing Nature-Based Medicine: Level I), the refund policies are listed. For workshops and lecture, refunds will be determined on a participant case by case basis. In any case of refunds, participants will at least forfeit the bank fees we have incurred.