Neijing Medicine


Beginning in 2020, the Neijing Medicine training course is being expanded to include two years of advanced clinical training. The goal of this program is to provide a comprehensive training in advanced clinical practice and teach the skills needed to establish a full-time practice in Neijing medicine with the skills needed to treat a wide-variety of complex medical conditions. The training also provides a solid foundation for those who wish to pursue advanced teaching and research opportunities.

In 2020, the Neijing Medicine: Advanced Clinical Training begins with two 6-day hands-on advanced clinical practicums. In 2021, this program will be expanded to include online lectures in anatomy, technique and clinical decision making as well as advanced training in Classical Chinese and text translation.

Acceptance into the Neijing Medicine: Advanced Clinical Training is by application only and spaces are limited.

CLASS PREREQUISITES: Completion of the Neijing Studies: Level I class including successful completion of the online lecture series, and both level one clinical practicums within the last five years or permission of the instructor.

Currently the program and class dates are in development. For further information, or to be placed on the waiting list please contact us.

NOTE: This page is still in development. More information will be available as we approach the middle of 2020.

Neijing Medicine: Advanced Clinical Training (Year II & III)