No prerequisites are required for the Online Lecture Series. Students wishing to participate in clinical skills during Clinical Retreats must be medically licensed in the locality in which they live, or must be currently enrolled in a recognized training program. Acceptable medical licenses or training programs include LAc, MD, PA/FNP and RN.


Edward Neal, MD

Lorraine Wilcox, PhD (Moxabustion and External Therapies)
Dominique Hertzer, PhD (Sinology)

These are long-term students of the course who supervise the small discussion groups online and participate in the course with current students. They are available as a resource to help students in their learning process.

TBD for the 2022/23 course.


Access to course lectures and materials is granted to individuals who are officially registered and whose course tuition has been received. Unauthorized sharing or use of course material will result in termination from the course without a tuition refund. Unauthorized sharing, copying, broadcasting or use of material in research, publications, or other media venues without prior written permission is strictly prohibited and grounds for dismissal from the course and/or legal action.


Clinical medicine requires a high degree of ethics and professionalism. All teachers and course participants are held to the same standard of professional and ethical behavior. Although rare, participants may be expelled from classes for unprofessional, disrespectful or unsafe behavior at anytime without prior warning. Such decisions are made at the discretion of the teacher and are not subject to review or appeal. If a student is expelled for such behavior, no refund will be given.


Clinical training involves a variety of learning experiences from diagnostic exercises to physical palpation and needle insertion. Although instructors work hard to ensure the safety of the learning environment it is impossible to supervise all students at every moment. Because of this, student participants must take responsibility for their own self-wellness. Anytime a participant feels uncomfortable or unsure of what is happening or has an adverse reaction to an exercise, they should withdraw and notify the attending teacher. Participants should not involve themselves in activities that personally feel unsafe, invasive or uncomfortable. If a student feels tired or ill, they should excuse themselves, contact the teacher and refrain from participating in the activity. Acupuncture carries inherent risks. Students should not perform techniques observed in clinical demonstrations until they have been properly demonstrated and reviewed. In general, when learning new needle techniques students should avoid treating between the seventh cervical vertebrae and the second lumbar vertebrae in the thorax or in the axilla unless specifically directed. All needles must be accounted for and properly disposed of within an appropriate sharps container.

I’m concerned about COVID-19 (coronavirus). Should you still be offering this course?

Yes indeed! The Neijing Nature-Based Medicine: Theoretical and Clinical Foundations (Year I) is an online distance learning course, though there are two in-person Clinical Retreats offered for as optional add-ons to each yearly cohort if participants decide they would like to attend.

Is this course right for me?

This is an information-rich course. Students who do well in this course have a genuine interest in the early Chinese medical texts and theories and are willing to put in time for study and participation. Students who are hoping to learn a few quick techniques are likely to be disappointed and will find the study excessive. That being said it is not necessary for students to have extensive clinical experience or speak Chinese. This course is applicable to students who are beginning their studies in Chinese medicine as long as there is a genuine interest in the medical classics.

What is Early Start?

“Early Start” is a way for you to gain advanced access to the online classroom and the foundational material months before the course officially begins on February 6, 2022.

In the past, first time students have reported that being exposed to the material in advance of the first class was extremely helpful for their learning. We’re offering access to the first 10 recorded lectures of the 2020/21 course for study and preparation as soon as you pay the deposit and register.

Pay the “Early Start” deposit ($750) before February 1, 2022 to gain access to the online classroom and the first quarter of lectures (10 videos). Your payment will apply towards the total tuition cost.

What if I am having technical difficulties with online lectures or other content?

We use the latest in streaming and video conferencing technology, so while we don’t anticipate any technical issues, the instructor will provide contact information at the beginning of the class which can be used to address any technical problems.

May I record class material for personal use?

Yes, unless specified, teaching material (except online video lectures) audio recordings can be used for personal review and study. If excerpted translations are used for teaching, research or professional publications, users must first contact the teacher/ translator directly to review usage and give prior written consent.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, payment plans are offered as an option during checkout. Participants can choose to have their tuition divided into 4 installments.

The payment plan due dates are as follows:

Deposit: $750 – Due at time of registration
1st Payment / 25% of balance due – February 1, 2022
2nd Payment / 25% of balance due – May 1, 2022
3rd Payment / 25% of balance due – August 1, 2022
4th Payment / 25% of balance due – November 1, 2022

IMPORTANT: Participants are responsible for all payments until the full tuition of their enrolled course(s) is paid, whether they finish the course or not. If you have a problem completing the class please contact us so we can help you find ways to complete your studies. We can work with you to make up missed classes through recordings or apply to continue in a future course.

Can I take the lecture series this year and take the on-site clinical training at another time?

Yes, this is possible when space is available.

Can I take the lecture portion if the class without participating in the on-site clinical training?

Yes, however students wishing to enroll in advanced clinical must complete all on-site clinical retreats prior to enrollment.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of this class?

Students who who participate fully and complete all course lecture material, quizzes, final exams (with a score 0f 75% or better) and evaluations will receive a certificate of completion in Neijing Nature-Based Medicine from Apricot Grove Educational Services, LLC.

What if I need a course refund?

Tuition refunds are given as follows:

  • Deposit/Early Start deposit – non-refundable
  • 15 days prior to first class – 100% of tuition balance refunded (not including deposit)
  • 1 day prior to first class – 75% of tuition balance refunded (not including deposit)
  • after first class – no refund

EARLY START Pre-Registration deposit is non-refundable, however it will be applied to your total tuition cost of the course.

Are CME/CEU/PDA credits offered for these classes?

In the United States, classes are accredited by the NCCAOM for Professional Development Activity credit. For live or recorded online lectures, students must sign into the online classroom to be documented and complete a post lecture quiz with a score of 75% or better. In order to receive credit for onsite clinical training, participants must sign-in daily.

Does my tuition at live clinical sessions include room and boarding?

When live Clinical Retreats are offered as an add-on to the Online Lecture Series, we work to identify retreat centers in beautiful natural settings that offer various lodging options to provide budget flexibility for students. We also arrange vegetarian catering for onsite meals. Students also have the option to arrange outside lodging and meals however these options may be limited in some locations. Lodging and food options and costs vary by site location and are not included in course tuition. Prior to clinical classes a list of lodging and food options is sent to all students.

Can I attend one live Clinical Retreat in the US and one in Europe?

Yes, course material is identical in the US and Europe. Students from the US and Europe may take clinical training at either location (space permitted). Note that Clinical Retreat I (US or EU) is a prerequisite for Clinical Retreat II (US or EU). You cannot register for only Clinical Retreat II unless you are registering for Clinical Retreat I or have previously completed it.

Can I complete the course by watching recordings and attending onsite clinical trainings only?

Yes, due to scheduling conflicts many students participate in the course by watching recorded material. Completion of the full class does include participation in both six-day clinical training sessions.

Are classes taught in Europe?

Yes, European students may complete the course by viewing online live and recorded content and attending on-site Clinical Retreats given in Europe.

What if I cannot complete the class in the time allowed?

All course material except material taught at the live Clinical Retreats  is made available as online recorded lectures. Students have 3 months after classes end to review and study course material in their own time. We also offer an additional 3 months extension beyond the courtesy 3 months for an additional $450.00 USD. The extension(s) are often helpful for those who fell behind in their studies or need extra time in order to complete the requirements to receive CEU/PDA credit.

Where are the Clinical Retreats held?

When they are offered, onsite Clinical Retreats are held in two residential seven-day sessions. In the United States sessions are held in Washington State (near Portland, Oregon). In Europe, specific retreat centers are chosen traditionally based on their ability to meet the course and participant needs. The retreat centers are generally located in Western Europe (Spain, France, Portugal, Italy…).

At the end of the course will I be able to implement Neijing practice in my office fully?

Neijing Nature-Based Medicine: Theoretical and Clinical Foundations (Level I) is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction in Neijing studies in preparation for advanced clinical training in year two. While students do learn diagnostic skills and needle techniques in Level I, which they can begin to use in their practice, this class is designed to provide a theoretical basis for life-long learning in Neijing classical medicine and should not be seen as imparting advanced comprehensive clinical skills.

How are costs calculated?

Cost are reviewed annually to ensure that student costs are equitable and teachers research and preparation work is compensated. For the 2022/23 course, Professional tuition cost is calculated at $58.00 USD per class hour for the Online Lecture Series and $50.00 USD (US) / $52.00 USD (EU) per class hour for the Clinical Retreats. View the Pricing tab to learn more about these costs and for the Students and Returning Participants. Please contact us with any questions.

Do I need to be able to read Chinese to take this course?

While these texts are written in a classical Chinese, a majority of students taking this class have no experience with the Chinese. All required English translations are provided and reviewed by the instructors.

What is Neijing Classical Acupuncture?

Neijing classical acupuncture is a comprehensive medical system based on writings in early Chinese medical texts used to treat illnesses of all types of severity. It is based on detailed descriptions of patterns of Nature and the extrapolations of these observations to the human body. In these texts, acupuncture needles were used to regulate the body’s tissue planes and restore the vascular circulation. This allows the body to restore its inherent healing potential.

What is the Huangdi Neijing?

The Huangdi Neijing, or Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic is a compilation of medical writings from early China. It has been the unifying source text of Chinese medicine theory and practice for several thousand years. Written as a series of discussion between the Yellow Emperor and his ministers, in its current form the text consists of two sections, the Suwen ‘Plain Questions’ and Lingshu ‘Divine Pivot’. The former speaks primarily of basic medical theory and practice while the latter is the original text of acupuncture.