Please note: the information on this page reflects the 2022-23 course, which ends in spring 2023.

Beginning in 2023, the Neijing Nature-Based Medicine: Graduate Training Program course is being expanded to a more complete program that will take place over 18-24 months. This information will be updated soon!

Bundle Pricing

Bundle the Online Lecture Series with both US Clinical Retreats

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Tuition Details (2022-23)



Tuition costs are reviewed annually to ensure that student fees are equitable and instructors’ research and preparation work is compensated. The following costs are based on the cost per class hour below.



(or first 2 years of practice)

Returning Participant

Online Lecture Series(2)
(80 CEU online teaching hours)
IN-PERSON CLINICAL EXPERIENCE (Optional but highly recommended)
US Clinical Retreat I(4)
(42 CEU in-person teaching hours)
$2,100.00$1,365.00 $1,050.00
US Clinical Retreat II(4,6)
(42 CEU in-person teaching hours)
$2,100.00$1,365.00 $1,050.00
EU Clinical Retreat I(4,5)
(42 CEU in-person teaching hours)
$2,184.00$1,419.00 $1,092.00
EU Clinical Retreat II(4,5,6)
(42 CEU in-person teaching hours)
$2,184.00$1,419.00 $1,092.00
US Bundle(3)
Online Lecture Series + both Clinical Retreats
SAVE $1440.00!
$7,400.00 $4,810.00 $3,700.00
EU Bundle(3)
Online Lecture Series + both Clinical Retreats
SAVE $1208.00!
$7,800.00 $5,070.00 $3,900.00


This is the base cost we use to determine the pricing above.

1 If you are registering for Early Start to gain access to the first 10 lectures from the current course, the cost is the same regardless of your registration status/class. The $750 deposit will be applied to your tuition, regardless of whether you choose the Pay in Full or Payment Plan option. If you choose the Payment Plan option, your Early Start pre-registration deposit will be applied equally to your payments.
2 Limited number of scholarships available if you volunteer in your community serving an underserved population or reside in a country with low GDP. Scholarships are only applied to the Online Lecture Series (not applied to Clinical Retreats).
3 This amounts to an approximately 15-20% discount on the entire package (depending on registration class: Professional, Student, and Returning Participant). Must enroll in the Online Lecture Series and both in-person Clinical Retreats in order to receive this discount.
4 Based on space availability (18 participants). This discount applies only to classes that students have been taken before and are taking again.
5 EU Clinical Retreat I and II dates and location TBD due to changes as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.
6 Prerequisite for Clinical Retreat II: participants must have previously taken Clinical Retreat I, either in another year or the current year.


We offer all participants an extra 3 months access to the online material beginning on the last day of the course. This is helpful for those who fall behind or need extra time to meet the quiz and other requirements to receive PDA/CEU credit. After 3 months has expired, we offer a membership to continue. This is a wonderful opportunity to maintain access to the course and continue to access live events with Dr. Neal.


  • We offer a limited number of scholarships (discounted tuition rate) for:
    • Those working a significant amount of time with underserved populations (e.g. Acupuncturists Without Borders, non-profit organizations serving homeless/houseless populations or substance abuse rehabilitation, etc.) or working in underserved areas of the world.
    • Those working in a country with a lower annual GDP rate than comparable higher-income countries (e.g. US, UK, France, Canada, etc.).
    • Those experiencing significant work cutbacks due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.
    • Those experiencing severe financial difficulty for other reasons.
  • Scholarship discounts are available for the Online Lecture Series only. Due to site costs of Clinical Retreats, discounts are not offered for these workshops at this time.
  • Scholarships are limited and determined on a first come first served basis.
  • Scholarships are offered to established practitioners and students. If you are currently a student or working within the first two years of graduation, please register by using the Student option to receive an automatic tuition discount. Returning Participants who take a course for the second time receive an automatic 50% discount on the course tuition.
  • Scholarship amounts are determined by several factors:
    • The type and extent of the work you do.
    • The cost of living estimated for the country you work in.
    • The level of financial need.
    • The amount of people and scholarship funds available in a given year.

Interested participants must file an application to be reviewed before receiving these scholarship discounts. We review applications on a rolling basis.

Payment Plans

We offer a payment plan option to pay for the course. There is a 4% maintenance/lender fee (based on the remaining balance after deposit) added to your FIRST installment payment if you choose to enroll in the payment plan option. This covers our fees for managing the multiple payments and the financial risk we take in offering a pay-over-time model.

Tuition payment plans are paid in 1 deposit and 4 installments. The payment schedule for the 2022/23 course is as follows:

  • Deposit – $750 – Due at time of registration (Early Start program fee)
  • 1st Installment / 25% of balance due after deposit (+4% admin fee)
  • 2nd Installment / 25% of balance due after deposit
  • 3rd Installment / 25% of balance due after deposit
  • 4th Installment / 25% of balance due after deposit


The credit or debit card you use to pay the deposit is stored in our secure payment gateway, Stripe, an ecommerce industry leader who implements the latest in encrypted security protocols when processing payments.

Our staff does not have direct access to your complete payment information and can only charge the card on file. We send a reminder approximately 2 weeks before your installment is due. If there is a problem with the card (e.g. expired, declined transaction, you choose not to save the method on file), we will send an invoice for the amount. After 14 days of an unpaid invoice, course participants will lose access to the online classroom and weekend live sessions with Dr. Neal.

NOTE: Participants are responsible for all payments until the full tuition of their enrolled course(s) is paid, whether they finish the course or not. If you have a problem completing the class please contact us so we can help you find ways to help complete your studies. We can work with you to make up missed classes through recordings or apply to continue in a future course. You are required to agree to these terms and conditions when paying for the course.

Refund Policy

Our tuition refund policy is as follows:

  • Deposit/Early Start payment – non-refundable
  • 15 days prior to first class – 100% of tuition balance refunded (not including deposit)
  • 1 day prior to first class – 75% of tuition balance refunded (not including deposit)
  • After first class – no refund

IMPORTANT: If you sign up for a payment plan and withdraw the course, you are still responsible for the balance due less your refund amount. We are always happy to work with participants to equitable resolution when an issue arises, including pause course access and participation until the next year.